a little more about me…

so when I’m not working, cooking, cleaning, working out, or visiting with family & friends, this is what I do. I craft.  Is there a t-shirt for that? I’m a glutton for spending time tinkering with scrap material & glue.  I’ll craft anything.  It’s my thang.  So, here’s two examples of my crazy hobby.

Yes , those are made out of paper. Yes, I know I could have easily bought a standard i-phone/ business card holder or standard pencil cup but where’s the fun in that?  I guess this is what a Lego builder child grows up to be… the person who builds everyday objects out of scrap material.  Guilty.


I promise I will post a recipe soon.. cross my fingers, pinky swear, etc. etc.


2 thoughts on “a little more about me…

  1. K. Eileen M. Young says:

    Ooooh, Mommy gets to be the first to comment on your blog!!!! Those holders are cute, I’m thinking they could be marketed,they are so cute!!! I seriously do not know where you find the time,but am proud of you and envy you! I Love You Very Much!!!! MOM

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